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Transfer factors are natural compounds that exist in mammals and in birds. They support and educate your immune system that no other product does. In an independent study lasting over 6 years, no other product was found to raise the immune function as much as Transfer factor did. Details here.

The "Plus" in Transfer factor Plus includes the following ingredients in the formula:

Transfer Factor E-XF, NanoFactor extract (a proprietary concentrate of nano-filtered cow colostrum.), Cordyvant Proprietary Polysaccharide Complex: IP-6, Soya bean Extract, Cordyceps sinensis, Beta-Glucan (from baker's yeast), Beta-Glucan (from Oat), Agaricus blazeii Extract, Mannans (from Aloe Vera), Olive Leaf Extract, Maitake Mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Nano factors and Zinc.

Scientists and Medical Professional like Dr Darryl See, said that there is no other product, drug or natural substance which will raise the immune function like transfer factor. In addition it educates the immune system, which is how its name came about - these natural substance transfers immune information to your immune system.


Advantage of consuming Transfer factor from Bovine sources

When you consume the product which is sourced from bovine colostrum, it is liken that you have now acquired the immune information of the cow's heroic immune system to your immune system. And as the cow is exposed to much more germs than humans, its having prior information about dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses before they come into your body. Your immune system will be fore-warned before actually encountering them.


The history of Transfer factor spans over more than 50 years of research and 3,500 clinical studies. More than US$40 million have been spent on research and development.

Scientists and medical professionals from 60 countries have studied it. See the research materials here. Transfer factor is NOT a vitamin, NOT a herb, NOT a fruit, NOT a drug, NOT a hormone.

Transfer factors are said to be like miracle molecules from Mother Nature. They are immune messenger molecules that transfer critical immune knowledge to the immune system. They are found naturally in blood, colostrum and egg yolks.

The range of Transfer Factor (or "TF" for short) products include a new targeted Transfer Factor products (since 2002). Examples are Transfer Factor Cardio, Transfer Factor Glucoach, Transfer factor Belle vie, Male Pro, Recall etc, as well as broad range Transfer Factor Advanced For general broad range effect.

Transfer Factors are studied and found to do three important things 1) provide the body unprecedented immune boosting function to maintain good health, yet 2) it modulates (or balances) the immune system so that an over-active system which may lead to auto-immune problems can be appropriately suppressed and brought back to balance, and 3) Transfer Factor transmits immune intelligence and educates our immune system.

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