4Life Convention 2013 Miami: Live Your Dream - Highlights

convention 2013

President Steve Tew updated us some latest, hotest info at the convention at Miami International Convention Exhibit Hall A & D

Offices in 23 coountries around the world. September 2013 - highest sales month record ever. South Korea growing at 60%. Indonesia over the past year has grown by 65%. Phillippines has been growing by over 100%.

4Life Research also hit the $2B worldwide sales in just 15 years. Over USD1 billion has been paid out to distributors in commissions.

He highlighted Ruel Buban from the Philippines who is a former street vendor who is now earned US$8,000 monthly income after 3 short years.

Announcement the NEW Transfer Factor UltraFactor XF, TF Nuvuo.

Officially launched at the 4Life convention in Miami 2013- the NEW LOOK for 4life Transfer factor and Plus.