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4Life Transfer factor Australia

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Transfer factor: Natural Products
For Your Immune System
Trusted Since 1998

The Transfer factor story- from early discovery in 1949 to modern processing, technology and sale - with Chinese sub-titles.

About Us

We are a team of people who value our own well being, and the have been involved in the sharing of health though exercise, nutrition and healthy life style.

We have found the 4Life products to be in harmony with Naturalness and that they are firtly not harmful to others (this includes NOT being drug-based; and not filled with artificail additives), and are happy to continue to share these products with others.



4Life Australia

Phtoto: Founders of 4lifeTransferFactor-Australia.com, E.K & Peggy (extreme right) with 4Life staff in March 2002.


2. Our Adviser and business associate is Dr Benny Foo: (Awarded Medal of the Order of Australia)

Dr Ben Foo

"There is so much we can do and need to do.  I honestly feel that Transfer Factor is needed by everyone everywhere.  Because people don't know about it therefore they are not taking TF products to enhance their immune system. 

In all honesty in my 43 years of medical practice I have never come across any pharmaceutical or nutriceutical products like Transfer Factor products that will help us to get well and stay well.  I have committed myself to take on this mission to share Transfer Factor with everyone I meet."

Dr Benny Foo

MBBS ( Melbourne), M App Sc (RMIT University)
FAMAC, Dip Orthomolecular Nutrition

Dr Foo is a medical (MBBS) doctor who has practiced for more than 40 years in Malaysia, Singapore and in Australia. He was also the President of the Australian Chinese Medical Association of Victoria, and on the Course Advisory Committee in Chinese Medicine in RMIT University, Senior Lecturer & Course Director  of Acupunture Foundation of Australia, Past President of Australian Medical Acupunture College.

Dr Foo was Awarded the prestigious Medal of the Order of Australia during Australia Day2008.



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4Life Transfer factor Classic
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